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The procedure given below is formulated in accordance with Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commissionís Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum & Electricity Ombudsman Regulations, 2006

Any electricity consumer of BEST having any grievance is requested first to follow the Internal Grievance Redressal Procedure (IGR) of BEST.

If, after going through the Internal Grievance Redressal Cell Procedure, the consumer is not satisfied with the remedy or no remedy has been provided by the IGR Cell to his/her grievance within a period of two months, she/he can approach the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum (CGRF)

The Grievance may also be lodged by registered post acknowledgement due, by speed post or by courier service or by any other means of transmission of documents (including FAX message)

The Grievances may also be submitted in electronic form set out in Schedule A. It is to be ensured that all the enclosures to such Grievance submitted in electronic form shall be submitted in scanned form

Forum shall send an acknowledgement of receipt of Grievance to the consumer bearing a serial number and date within five (5) working days from the date of receipt of a  Grievance. Where the Grievance has been submitted in person, the acknowledgement shall be provided at the time of submission

If the Grievance is submitted by email to the Forum, acknowledgement of the receipt of the Grievance to the consumer will be provided by return email as promptly as possible. If the Grievance is submitted by email, hard copies of the same shall be submitted forthwith separately to the Forum.

The Forum shall intimate the applicant who has submitted the Grievance, the from the date of hearing of the Grievance in writing, giving sufficient advance notice. The Forum shall also forward to the applicant, copy of comments on the grievance received and all documents related to the Grievance received concerned department /section of BEST

The applicant who has submitted the Grievance or any other person who is a party to any proceedings before the Forum may either appear in person or authorize any person other than an Advocate (within the meaning of the Advocate Act, 1961) to present his case before the Forum

In case the applicant or any other person who has been a party to the proceedings before the Forum fails to appear on the date of hearing, the Forum may decide the Grievance in absence of that person. The Forum may consider postponing the date of hearing it sufficient cause is shown by either party.

After considering the Grievance submitted by the consumer, issue-wise on the Grievance submitted by BEST, all other records available, the Forum shall complete the Complaint as expeditiously as possible and every endeavor shall be made by the Forum to pass appropriate order, on the Grievance for its redressal within a maximum period of two (2) months from the date of receipt of the Grievance by the Forum.

If the consumer is not satisfied with the order of the Forum, he/she may approach Electricity Ombudsman for redressal of his Grievance within sixty (60) days from the date of the order of the Forum in prescribed format (Schedule B)

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